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Updated: Aug 26, 2021

When I heard...

that the innovative physician trailblazer, Dr. Michael O’Neal, and former NFL player, Yo Murphy had collaborated to train and treat high-level athletes, I immediately thought this was a…home run (or should I say touchdown)!

"Yo Murphy Performance and Dr. O’Neal are known for working with some of the best athletes in the country"

The business-savvy O’Neal is credited with starting the first concierge medical practice in the United States ever developed from scratch. A former physician for an MLB team and known for his diagnostic skills, he has been hired to care for hundreds of professional athletes and celebrities over the past twenty years.

Murphy is a former NFL receiver who played on one of the sports' grandest stages, the Super Bowl. He is now considered one of the nation's most respected performance experts. His catalog of clients is an impressive list of NFL, MLB, NBA, and boxing elite.

While Yo Murphy Performance and Dr. O’Neal are known for working with some of the best athletes in the country, I was impressed (and excited) to learn that they also work with the ‘not-so-elite’ athletes, including busy Executives, like myself.

As a once aspiring professional athlete, I spent a ton of time training my body, but I did not treat my body like a temple, instead, I treated it like a sports car. I tried everything to gain an advantage in my sport, but my body failed me. What if I had focused on what I put in my body before, during, and after training? What about proper utilization of the right foods to eat or how to stretch correctly? I had the talent, but I didn’t have Yo nor Doc, yet. Dr. O’Neal said “Our product isn’t commercialized or over-produced. We focus on close collaboration between the physician and performance specialist. This allows us to provide a highly personalized approach directed at optimizing movement, reducing injury risk, and resolving any existing medical or orthopedic problems.”

Recently this dynamic duo has assisted, coached, and mentored many 2021 NFL Draftees including Heisman winner Devonta Smith and the best Defensive Tackle in college football, Christian Barmore, both of who ended up being high draft choices. Murphy and O’Neal seem to go together like Yin and Yang. After doing some research I learned Yo Murphy has also worked with Hall of Famer Derek Jeter and other first-round picks like Henry Ruggs. Naturally, I wondered to myself would Yo be willing to work with me?

I reached out to Yo Murphy to ask if a 36-year-old golfer is someone he would work with and this was his reply, “We believe in creating a culture that enhances someone's character in and out of sports. We focus on each individual’s journey by asserting ourselves both mentally and physically to achieve their goals. We work side by side with our medical director and physical therapist to keep our athletes healthy through proper assessments and injury reduction protocols”.

I have optimism because I look at an athlete’s body as their vehicle to success. A vehicle needs the following:

  • Fuel: this is the food, supplements, exercise, and even medicine you give your body, which fits Dr. O’Neal’s expertise.

  • Improved vehicle performance: this is the physical and movement training that Yo Murphy provides.

More companies need to team up together and bring the synergy of their experience to develop collaborative projects like Murphy and O’Neal accomplished. Sports performance, not unlike business performance (or being an entrepreneur) is hard enough; but it is easier when you are in your optimal physical shape and mindset.

Now for the biggest challenge these two industry leaders may have ever had…getting me ready for the senior tour…stay tuned!

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